Children in Need of Mentors


Robby, Age 10
Robby is an open child who has no trouble warming up to people. Robby loves music, singing, dancing, playing volleyball and basketball, being outside, and he also plays the violin. He lives with his mom and 4 siblings. His step dad has been in and out of jail and his dad has never been involved in his life. Additionally, he has an uncle who will be in prison for a long time. He struggles on a daily basis for attention with his siblings. Robby has been on the wait list for for a mentor for nine months. He still wants someone to play outside with, to explore music with, and someone that can provide him with the one-on-one attention every child needs. He has hope. Help him turn that hope into joy by becoming his mentor.

Hannah, Age 12
Hannah has dreams of one day going to the Biosphere. Whenever she is able to, she loves to play softball and basketball. Most of the time she doesn’t have anyone to play these sports with. She lives with her mom, an older sister, her mother’s nephew and his wife, along their three children. Her dad will be in jail for several more years. Though he writes to her, she often sits and thinks about how much she misses him. She is an active child who loves almost all sports, loves being outside, but also enjoys watching movies and drawing. In fact, Hannah can’t think of a single thing she wouldn’t want to do and ultimately seeks the comfort of having a friend to be around to talk. By becoming Hannah’s mentor you can take her to the softball diamond, to the basketball court, to a movie, to Biosphere, or you can hang out and just talk to her.  She would be happy doing anything with a person whom she can trust.

Stan, Age 12
Stan is an energetic child with a wide range of interests. He is actively involved in school, participating in baseball and chess club. He loves being outside, whether he is rollerblading, skateboarding, or playing sports. He’s an avid chess player and also enjoys being on the computer and playing video games. Stan lives with his mom, grandmother, and older sister. His dad will be in prison for the next several years and although he does maintain some contact with him, it is difficult. Stan often complains to his mom about being the only male in the house and could use a mentor for friendship and support. What’s the best part about getting a mentor according to Stan? Meeting someone new and having fun. In other words, friendship. Friendship with a positive, adult male who can play chess or baseball with him and provide him the basic support so many of us take for granted in simple friendship.