“Are You Taking Care of Someone Else’s Child?”
Brochure of regional resources for new caregivers of CIP.
Maricopa County: PDF downloads: English, Spanish
Pima County: PDF downloads: English, Spanish

Arizona Family Members Behind Bars: Difficult questions children ask…and answers that can help is a caregiver's guide to Arizona’s criminal justice system from arrest to release. This Guide is dedicated to caregivers who work hard every day to take responsibility for protecting, nurturing, and meeting the emotional needs of children of incarcerated parents.
English, Spanish
Training case study to learn how best to use the guide.
Michael's Story

Family and Corrections Network (FCN) (formerly found at Child Welfare League of America)
Includes a variety of resources such as the Children of Prisoners Library and Incarcerated Fathers Library.

Children’s Defense Fund

Children of Prisoner’s Library
Provides educational resources including Facts and Issues, Materials for Caregivers, and Information for Health Care Providers.
Download at:

Family Strengthening Policy Center
Provides a variety of information such as, “Supporting Families with Incarcerated Parents” (Policy Brief No. 8, 2005).
Download at: briefs/

Independent Television Service
“When the Bough Breaks: Mothers in Prison”
Documentary depicts children’s daily lives and struggles to maintain bonds with their mothers.

Mother Jones Online
“LEFT BEHIND: Tens of thousands of children have a parent behind bars. What are the social costs of their loss?”
Describes economic and social impact of parent’s incarceration on children.

National Institute of Corrections
“Directory of Programs: Serving Children and Families of Adult Offenders” (2005),
by National Institute of Corrections, U.S. Department of Justice.
Describes a large variety of CIP programs in each state with contact information provided.
Download at:

State of Oregon
Online Resources for Children of Prisoners
Site lists a multitude of CIP resources, both national and international.

Urban Institute Justice Policy Center
"Families Left Behind: The Hidden Costs of Incarceration and Reentry"