Children of Prisoner Resources


Information for New Caregivers
Brochures with Resources for New Caregivers
“Are You Taking Care of Someone Else’s Child?”

Maricopa County: PDF downloads: English, Spanish
Pima County: PDF downloads: English, Spanish

Explaining Jail/Prison to Children
A Caregiver's Guide on How to Explain Jails and Prisons to Children

Children of Incarcerated Parents/Caretakers Supplemental Information/Resources

Arizona Family Members Behind Bars: Difficult questions children ask…and answers that can help is a caregiver's guide to Arizona’s criminal justice system from arrest to release. This Guide is dedicated to caregivers who work hard every day to take responsibility for protecting, nurturing, and meeting the emotional needs of children of incarcerated parents. 
English, Spanish
Training case study to learn how best to use the guide.
Michael's Story

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